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About Us

Who is Self-Care Mentality?

Self-Care Mentality is a brand created around spreading mental health awareness and self-care reminders. Having a Self-Care Mentality is a way of thinking and practice of protecting one's well-being and happiness. 

We believe in being kind to yourself and your mental health. Sometimes it is easy to let our mental illnesses or negative thoughts get the best of us and bring us down. Sometimes it is hard to take care of ourselves because of things going on in our lives and we just forget. This brand is to be a reminder and an outlet for people through social media to be able to have a positive influence on others that are seeking support with their mental health. 

We are devoted to help and be a positive influence on the mental health awareness community. With the goal of creating this brand, we are committing to donating 10% of our first full year's profits to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. However, we understand that we don't want to single out just one foundation so we will do our best to branch out to others in different ways as we grow our brand and online community. 

Our Impact:

  • On social media, we are planning to have a social media presence focusing on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.
  • Provide clothing products to be a comfortable resource to help encourage the spread of awareness on mental health support and self-care reminders.
  • Donate to NAMI and work with other mental health focused non-profits at the end of each calendar year to help people continue to receive support from these foundations.  

With our community starting from the ground up, our main goals are to just produce as much content as we can along with being able to provide mental health reminders through our products in our store.